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This course can be used personally or professionally with clients. It will guide you through the best way to work with clients, including using a Success Journal and a Sleep Plan. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. We all know sleep is important, but many of us don’t know why (or sometimes how to sleep well). Your body might seem to shut off when you sleep, but your brain doesn’t. Instead, sleep enables your body to rest and recover.

Sleep gives your brain an opportunity to remove toxins, repair tissue and regenerate cells. You produce infection-fighting proteins in your sleep, so your body can restore itself and maintain a good level of wellness. Sleep is key to overall health and wellness. This course has been designed to help you improve your sleep or to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to work as a Sleep Consultant and improve other people’s sleep.

As this course is professionally accredited and recognised you can use the knowledge you gain to work as a professional Sleep Consultant, if this is the path you choose.

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This course is insurable, accredited or approved by the professional bodies, The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH), World Metaphysical Association and ThinkTree.

Course Overview

Course Aim:

This online course is designed to give you knowledge and tools that can benefit yourself, family, friends or your clients.

This course covers the following key areas of sleep:

• Developing Sleep Awareness
• The Science Behind Sleep
• How and Why Insomnia Occurs
• Stress and Sleep
• Techniques to Improve Sleep
• Quiet a Racing Mind
• Creating a Sleep Environment
• Sleep Tips to Enjoy a Better Night’s Sleep
• The Business of a Sleep Consultant

By the end of this course, you will learn:

• Why sleep is so important, including the key concepts of restorative sleep.
• How much sleep we actually need.
• The benefits of sleeping well.
• The science behind sleep.
• Sleep patterns and why they are important.
• Brain waves and how they affect our sleep.
• The Sleep Cycle and why understanding this can improve sleep.
• A little of the brain and sleep paralysis.
• How and why insomnia occurs.
• Factors surrounding stress and how these can affect sleep.
• Techniques to improve sleep and how these can be used to help yourself or your clients.
• How to quiet a racing mind and thereby reduce an overactive mind and improve sleep.
• The importance of creating a good sleep environment.
• The best sleep tips to get a good night’s sleep and use these to help yourself or your clients.
• The business of a sleep consultant, including what is a sleep consultant, carrying out a consultation, understanding your clients, good communication, client toolkit and road map to master sleep.

What is a Sleep Consultant?

A Sleep Consultant (also known as Sleep Coach, Sleep Practitioner or Sleep Trainer) can choose to work with children, parents and/or adults to help introduce better sleep patterns into their routines by developing Sleep Plans and offering guidance and support as needed through prescribed or bespoke sleep packages. A sleep consultant’s main purpose is to educate people on sleep hygiene, the biological needs of sleep, safe sleep practices, to review the timing of night/day sleeps while offering support and guidance.

People often approach Sleep Consultants when they are experiencing difficulties with sleep or where they are looking to establish positive sleep associations.

Working self-employed means your business can be structured in a way which works for you. A Sleep Consultant may choose to work remotely from home or local to residence or work further afield. It is possible to travel and expand client base to overseas for short-term placements/bookings.

This is an unregulated industry and qualifications are not required to start working as a Sleep Consultant. Although this is the case, many people will not employ someone who is unable to demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge to help them, and a qualification is usually required to obtain work. This course is aimed at helping adults improve their sleep, working as a self-employed Sleep Consultant. Further qualifications would be required if wanting to work with children or within the NHS.


The role of a Sleep Consultant can be very diverse, however here are some responsibilities you can expect:
• Setup meetings with the client to go through their situation, this can be done via the telephone, Skype, or home visits
• Build an in-depth understanding of the problems your clients are facing
• Understand clients sleep pattern and provide feedback
• Setting goals
• Develop sleep plans
• Review sleep plans Benefits There are many benefits to working as a Sleep Consultant, you will find some of these benefits below:
• Having your own business and being your own boss
• Flexible working hours
• Can fit around family and other work commitments
• Well paid
• Rewarding Job – making a positive change to people’s lives

Skills Required

Here are some of the necessary skills required to be an effective Sleep Consultant:
• Good listener
• Good communicator – written & verbal skills
• Empathetic
• Passionate
• Patience

Earning Potential

As you will likely be a self-employed Sleep Consultant, what you charge is up to you. Most Sleep Consultants sell packages for their services rather than charge an hourly rate. However, if you are thinking of charging an hourly rate, they are typically between £15-30 per hour (consultants in major cities often charging more)

Course Material:

You will be provided with your own personal area on our professional, easy-to-use learning platform. Here you will find all the resources that you need, in one handy place.

This includes the following:
● Course Lessons
● Course content is available to view on our learning platform and if required, a hard copy of the manual can be requested at a small cost by contacting your course tutor
● Course Videos available to view on the platform as you learn
● Supplementary Resources to use
● Supplementary Reading List
● Successful Business Guide
● Messaging area

The course will be yours to start in your own time with your own tutor to guide you every step of the way.

Course Assessment:

The course is based on working with adults and the amount of sessions needed with a client very much depends on their individual circumstances, this can be anywhere between 1 and 6.

Your course assessment consists of a 20-question multiple choice test that you will find at the end of the course.

Your personal tutor will be there to help you every step of the way.

Certificate on Completion:

Once you have completed the 20-question multiple choice test, you will be able to download your certificate from the learning platform.

Course Syllabus

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Course FAQ's

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